Elementary – Season TWO – Episode 04: Poison Pen

Sherlock: Abigail’s confession aside, you and I both know the truth.

I’m gonna be watching you.

And if you resort to those extreme tactics again in the future, I’m gonna make sure you’re brought to justice.

Is that clear? Have you spoken with anyone about what happened to you?

Graham: My Aunt Susan tried to ask me some questions last night, but It happened.

It’s over.

Talking about it won’t change anything.

Sherlock: You’re wrong.

I have never known a betrayal as-as profound as what you’ve experienced.

But I do know that being victimized is is corrosive.

And sometimes, talking about it that can help.

So you ever want to talk about it with someone who knows the story in its entirety I’m at your disposal.

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