Elementary – Season TWO – Episode 03: We are everyone


Sherlock: Do you think we’re cut off from the world?

Watson: You know, neither of us dates, neither of us really goes out much.At all, actually.

Sherlock: We’re not cut off from the world.

We’re engaged in creating one that’s actually worth living in.


Moriarty: For a long while now, I’ve suspected that connection with another person, “real connection”, simply isn’t possible.

I’m curious if you disagree, although I suspect you feel as I do in this, as you do in so many other things.

Watson: Oh, hey.

Sherlock: I’m assuming the evening went well, or you wouldn’t have ended it with a good-night kiss.

Watson: It wasn’t bad.

I mean, I don’t know if there were any sparks.

It was fun.

I think it’s sad that you’ve given up.

I think you have a lot to share, if you cared to.

I shouldn’t be the only one who knows you.

Moriarty: So tell me: Is it possible to truly know another person? Is it even a worthwhile pursuit? Yours is the only opinion I’ll trust, the only point of view that holds even the faintest interest.

I find my diversions, as I always do, but the days are long in this gray place.

I dearly hope you’ll write soon.

Ever yours, Jamie Moriarty

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