Hida Takayama Ultra Marathon (8 june 2014)

Here is my first post on “running thoughts”…

Will not start from my first run, or race, I will start from the last one; a 100 km road race with + 2700 m elevation gain.

Well, it is a kind of “first race” as it is the first race here in Japan. Something I wanted strongly.

After one year spent in Australia where the highest “mountain” available for my daily training was Mt. Coot-tha. A source of infinite nice trails but with the height of only 287 m was absolutely not enough to be prepared to such a great difference in level.

In spite of being well prepared for the distance I put a lot of effort in my trainings on Mt. Rokko (931 m) that was just out of my door, back in Nada-ku. Well, the thing I enjoyed more than preparing such a great event was running free and happy in the woods… but this is another story with its own consequences…

Here is my thoughts and evaluations I made during and after the race.

Surely reading before “Born to Run” and “Eat and Run” gave more material to think about and to let me dig more into myself…

after few kilometers I was trying to imagine what kind of beast I would have had to meet this time.

I gave a name to all the beast I found until now…

I have learnt that when you give a name to the beast, the beast disappear.


Knowledge and awareness can erase any fear.


Suddenly I understood one of the most important thing about running… Maybe about life.


There is no beast, I am the beast.


Everything is the result, the natural, obvious consequence of what I have done, what I am doing, thinking and wanting.


Therefore I can manage.


This way something funny happened during the race. Every time I was facing a hard moment (knowing about the beast won’t prevent pain or suffering though) some of the beasts I already knew, usually dressed as dark thoughts, turned into comic figures… like the caricature of themselves.

And I laughed at my fears and weaknesses in the best way I could have done. Pushing.


Anyway in this race I didn’t have any sort of deep introspection or epiphany or any feeling of emptiness or loneliness.

Maybe because I was on road surrounded by many people for most of the time of the race (!!).


Trails help more with it I guess.


The only thing I found was just running; the pure beauty of movement and constant effort.

More like what I usually experience during a marathon.


Maybe I need more distance… or speed…or adventure…

Maybe all of them.

But this is only about my mind; my body, for the moment, is “happy” this way.

Thanks a lot to Takuya Kitano at Sky High Mountain Works for helping me with everything!!

Hida Takayama Ultra Marathon official website

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