Elementary – Season ONE – Episode 03: Child predator


Sherlock: You’re doing it again — talking.

Watson: What? I’m not supposed to talk?

Sherlock Situations like these, cases that require my total concentration — I talk to you, never the other way around.

Watson: What in the hell?

Sherlock: Shh, shh.


Watson: Hey, care to explain what you said back at the station about, you know, you talking to me, not the other way around?

Sherlock: Yes, well aware I’m doing it again. I’ve found, over the years, that   nothing clears up a difficult case so much as stating it to another person.

I talk, they listen, and in talking, I make connections I may have otherwise missed.

One-way street, not two.

Watson: Who did you speak to back in London?

Sherlock: Oh, lots of people.

Waitstaff, cabdrivers.

The occasional prostitute.

Better listeners than you might think.

Watson: Right.

Sherlock: Watson? I take it all back. I’m beginning to find the chatter that accompanies your companionship extremely useful.


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